Family Law can best be described as any type of lawsuit, litigation, or “process” which 1.) alters your marital status, 2.) changes your family make-up, or 3.) involves another person you are related to by law, blood, or marriage.

Family Law litigation is most commonly exampled in Divorce cases, Adoption actions, and Child Support/Custody Modifications.

At Alabama Consumer Law Group, LLC we take great pride in representing individuals through divorce, whether contested or uncontested, either as Plaintiff/Petitioner or Defendant/Respondent.

We also have experience in cases involving:

  1. Establishing Paternity/Custody
  2. Child Support Modification
  3. Child Custody Modification
  4. Rule NISI Petitions (Contempt of Court)

If you are currently going through a divorce, or are planning to, or are looking to ensure your custodial rights as a parent are preserved at law, please schedule an appointment today.