Civil Litigation

Consumer protection laws covers a broad range of legal matters such as; unwanted phone calls, loan servicing problems, abusive debt collection practices, dishonest sales tactics, product warranty, and credit reporting errors.

Alabama Consumer Law Group, LLC is dedicated to protecting people from dishonest and abusive business tactics that take place as a result of a consumer purchase, loan, or other transaction.

Consumer Credit and Billing

Consumer laws require certain disclosures to be made when obtaining a loan or credit card. Depending of the type of consumer credit, there are also disclosures that must be made in each billing statement.

Inaccurate disclosures are often causes of action the consumer may seek against the creditor.

Debt Collection

Debt collectors are prohibited from using unfair and abusive tactics when attempting to collect a debt.  This includes:

  • Harassment e.g. threats of violence, use of profane language or continuous calling to annoy;
  • Using false or misleading statements about the debt or the debt collector;
  • Threats of garnishing of wages or seizure of property when debt collectors may not legally do so; and
  • Debts that have been barred by the statute of limitations or discharged through bankruptcy.

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Fair Credit Reporting Act

When wrong information appears on a credit report it could lead to denial of new employment, credit and even renting an apartment.

In a 2012 study by the Federal Trade Commission found that one in five consumers had an error on at least one at least one of their three credit reports. Common credit reporting errors include: reporting of debts not owed; reporting of incorrect information about the consumer; and reporting of information as a result of identity theft.

If a consumer is unable to resolve these disputes on his or her own, legal action may necessary.

You can obtain your annual free credit reports from each of the Credit Reporting Agencies at